Who is the worst company in rod building?

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Jim Russels
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Who is the worst company in rod building?

Postby Jim Russels » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:21 pm


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Re: Who is the worst company in rod building?

Postby RodGuild » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:29 pm

Right off the bat anything that kirkman is involved with is the worst. Good news is that his website is gone and his expo show will not be held in 2018. The fucker has made his mint and is retiring. Good riddance.

Chimerica Tackle is the shittiest company out there with their bullshit products with an American branded name. Everything comes from China.

Silvia Davis fucked everybody and many fell for it. She still owes the Guild buckoo bucks but forget about ever collecting that.

All the BD guys that boasted and talked turned out to be moma's boys. All talk and no action.

Get Bit runs on water and a prayer. No money. No inventory.

Batson is being sued.

Mud Hole looks good but does not make any money. They live the high life but cannot back it up. Bait and switch to their own products is the norm.

The Guild is rod buildings last hope but the current officers are so afraid of kirkman that they will not dare to hold another national conclave and will never rebuild the organization by hosting these tiny regional seminars that barely draw two dozen people each and giving up on their website while they go the FB route and let everybody participate without having to buy a membership. Money is running out and time is short. The opportunity it there but they are to afraid to take control. New officers are needed.

Lots of whiny dicksuckers and moma's boys in rod building and not enough men with business sense and the courage of their convictions.

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Postby Bryandiado » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:33 am

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